Art Glass Is a Wondrous Thing

So frivolous and beautiful, dainty yet strong, art glass has a way of tricking us and treating us in equal measure.It comes in so many forms from large glass vases to dainty little art deco perfume bottles, tiny paperweights to massive art installations that run the length of a museum.Blown glass is one of the most hypnotising to watch, as the master artisan turns and blows and spins the new glass ornament and puts it in and out of the furnace to keep it on that knife edge between plasticity and a forlorn blob of mush.Glass ornaments formed like this are a stunning form of handmade glass and real expertise in this art takes many years to learn.Seeing finished tall glass vases in a line on the maker’s workbench gives you the opportunity to connect this beautiful art with the place where it was born – the fiery hole leading to the amber heat behind.The beauty of glass and glass making goes back in time many thousands of years – way before Bohemian Glass was even thought of. That hand blown glass was still in raw materials sat in the Silesian foothills when the first glass was being made.Glass art has a long and prolific history and it has evolved into a modern fairytale that strikes awe in Presidents and Paupers alike.Many a statesman has a fine collection of art glass in their possession and beautiful art glass is often given as gifts by presidents to kings or kings to sheiks.By giving a gift of art glass imbues both the giver and receiver with a decadence that surpasses their elite position. Art Glass transcends labels of state to a level that only old masters and master architects can ever hope to achieve.In comparison to this fine objet d’art a title or a label is nothing, fleeting ethereal. Once that ornament has been forged in the fires of Hades it can never be undone and it will never age. Unlike all the Kings and Presidents, who will only live on, on the lips of their subjects for some or many years to come, depending on how good, or bad they were.Although handmade glass has been put under some pressure by cheap foreign imports, it has held its ground and exerts a force across all the continents.New time you see a beautiful piece of blown glass, remember that journey from chalk, sand, potash and lead into the fiery furnace until finally tuned but the glass artists into a shapely piece of such fine quality that the owner officially becomes an art collector just by having it in their possession.